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June 17, 2015

Everyone deserves a beautiful looking smile in Boston.Beautiful smiles aren’t reserved for Hollywood stars and starlets. Having a smile that shines bright doesn’t have to be that difficult to attain. In fact, it’s pretty easy — especially when you come to the office of Dr. Alan Sasson in Brookline, MA. Cosmetic dentistry is something we excel at and delivering a beautiful smile is something that we have perfected over the years. We staff one of the best teams in the area and their expertise in the industry know-how is evident in everything they do. If your smile could use a bit of an upgrade with teeth whitening, straightening treatment or any other type of cosmetic work, we’ve got you covered with a plethora of options. Are you ready to take your smile to the next level?

Periodontal Disease and Your Health: What You May Not Know About the Link

February 26, 2014

Shutterstock Health Body PerioWhen most of us think about periodontal disease, we imagine things like redness, swelling, bleeding after brushing and even tooth loss, but that’s usually where it stops. Unfortunately, gum disease has been linked with a variety of other, potentially more serious health problems that many people don’t associate with oral health at all. At Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA, Dr. Alan Sasson treats gum disease with Laser Periodontal Therapy to keep his patients healthy and feeling great, for both now and the future.

Hidden Dangers of Gum Disease

When periodontal disease is left untreated for an extended period of time, the bacteria that causes the infection itself can spread from the mouth to the bloodstream. It travels throughout the body, adversely affecting a number of other tissues and organs. Some of the health complications linked to poor oral health include the following:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Stomach ulcers and other gastrointestinal problems
  • Low birth weight and preterm birth in infants of mothers with periodontal disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Pulmonary hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs)
  • Increased risk of diabetes complications
  • Coronary artery disease
  • Higher risk of heart attack and stroke

Fortunately for individuals suffering from gum disease, the Laser Periodontal Therapy™ procedure performed at Boston Smile Center effectively treats gum infection and can thereby help lower your risk of developing these conditions.

If you or someone in your family has experienced any of the common symptoms of gum disease – including redness along the gum line, bleeding, gum recession or sensitivity – now is the time to take control of your health and contact Dr. Sasson for help. At our office in Brookline, MA, Dr. Sasson happily welcomes patients from Cambridge, Boston, Newton, Chelsea, Somerville and beyond.









Protect Your Smile from the Threat of Gum Disease with Help from Dr. Sasson

November 15, 2013

gum diseaseThe oral health problem patients experience most, surprisingly enough, isn’t cavities or teeth grinding; in fact, it doesn’t directly affect your pearly whites at all! Gum disease (also referred to as periodontal disease) is actually the most commonly experienced disease period, affecting a staggering 80% of the population. It commonly goes unnoticed due to its initial, milder symptoms, but patients with cases that have progressed to more advanced levels often experience devastating oral damage, up to and including tooth loss. But how can you tell whether or not you’re suffering from gum disease? Here in Brookline, Dr. Sasson and his team are committed to helping patients better understand the facts behind their oral health and what they can do to ensure their smiles stay happy and healthy for years. While a professional opinion is always best for determining the true threat of common issues such as gum disease, here are some symptoms that you can keep an eye out for at home:

  • If your gums bleed during or after brushing/flossing
  • If you suffer from bad breath that persists even after the use of mouthwash
  • Any tenderness, swelling, or discoloration of the gums
  • If your bite begins to feel strange or looser, in a way
  • If chewing becomes painful
  • Teeth that appear longer (a sign of receding gums)

Here at Boston Smile Center, patients suffering gum disease can receive the treatment they need with the help of our Laser Periodontal Therapy™, which relies on our Biolase Waterlase Dental Laser instead of a scalpel to quickly and comfortably remove infection without compromising tooth structure. It’s really that simple!

Contact our Brookline office today to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson! Our team loves giving patients a reason to smile with our transformative dental care.

Could You Be Suffering From Gum Disease?

January 8, 2013

Today, a staggering three out of four American are suffering from some level of gum disease and its effects. That’s a big percentage, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, by any means. Gum disease is a serious oral health condition that can result in serious pain, inflammation, and even the deterioration of bone and tissue in your mouth, resulting in the eventual loss of teeth altogether. Research has even shown that gum disease can contribute to serious conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

What’s worse is that gum disease isn’t always indicated by obvious symptoms like pain. At Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA, our team is committed to doing all we can to keep you healthy and happy, and that includes making sure you’re well-informed about the risk and symptoms of serious oral health issues such as gum disease.  Here are the most common tell-tale signs:

  • Red, swollen, and/or tender gums
  • Constant bleeding that occurs while eating or flossing
  • Bad breath that even mouthwashes and other treatments don’t fully help
  • Receding gums (your teeth look longer)
  • Pockets of pus forming between your teeth and gums
  • Loose or wobbly teeth
  • A change in the way your bite feels or fits together

However, even if you aren’t currently experiencing any of these symptoms, you could still be suffering from gum disease. If many cases, symptoms remain invisible until the disease has progressed into the last, most destructive stage. This is why regular check-ups with Dr. Sasson are very important to maintain. He’ll be able to notice more subtle indicators of gum disease and provide effective treatments quickly. This is especially important if you are at a higher risk. Risk factors include being 65 or older, if you smoke or use tobacco, if you suffer from system diseases such as diabetes or arthritis, or if you take certain medications such as oral contraceptives or anti-depressants. In a later blog post, we’ll discuss the revolutionary treatment we can offer you for gum disease here in Brookline, MA: Laser Periodontal Therapy™.

Don’t let your gum disease go untreated! Our team will help you feel your best, here at Boston Smile Center. Call us today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson. Our Brookline dental office is easily accessible from Boston, Brighton, Cambridge, and Newton as well.