Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Brookline, MA

Ask Your Brookline Dentist

One of the ways that Dr. Sasson distinguishes himself from other dentists in the Greater Boston area is that he always takes as much time as needed to answer his patients’ questions. He’s happy to explain anything so a patient knows exactly what they need to determine if a procedure is right for them. Below, our team has responded to some of the most common questions we receive, but be sure to call us if you’d like to ask about anything else!

How often should I go to the dentist?

In truth, this answer can differ from person to person depending on many factors, but the average patient is best served by coming in for two professional dental checkups and teeth cleanings each year. This is often enough that most dental problems can be caught early and treated quickly, and many can be prevented altogether with conservative care as well.

My gums always bleed when I floss. Is this normal?

While bleeding gums after flossing is fairly common, it shouldn’t happen! It either means that someone is flossing too hard or they have a minor infection. Early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) causes the tissues to become inflamed, meaning they bleed more easily. Try flossing with a lighter touch for a week or so, and if the bleeding doesn’t stop, keep flossing for another couple of weeks, making sure to do it every evening before going to bed. If it still continues, contact us, as your situation may require professional gum disease treatment.

Should I use a manual or electric toothbrush?

Research has shown that both manual and electric toothbrushes are great at removing plaque and harmful oral bacteria, so just use whichever one you like best. What matters more is technique, in that you’re holding the brush head at a 45-degree angle (so the bristles touch both your teeth and gumline) and cleaning for at least two minutes twice a day.

Will a toothache go away on its own?

Unfortunately, if a toothache stops hurting, this means the damage has likely affected the nerve and has become much more serious. It’s best to schedule an appointment with us quickly if you ever experience any type of dental pain, but you should definitely call us right away if an aching tooth suddenly feels fine.

Can I just use whitening toothpaste to brighten my smile?

While whitening toothpastes are well-suited for removing minor surface stains, they simply aren’t strong enough to do anything about noticeable discoloration that is inside the enamel (the primary cause of yellowed teeth). For this, only a professional teeth whitening treatment is able to deliver dramatic results that will produce a smile that is six to eight shades brighter.

Will my dental insurance cover X procedure?

We won’t know what your dental insurance covers until we have a chance to talk to you and verify your benefits. Just give us a call with your membership information handy, and we can get the process started. When you arrive and we discuss your treatment plan, we’ll go over how your benefits will work so you’re fully aware of your out-of-pocket costs.