Our Brookline Office Can Help You Perfect Your Smile at Last with White Spot Removal

November 30, 2013

group smiling 2There are all sorts of small, cosmetic flaws that can aggravate patients who want to feel completely confident in their smile’s appearance, such as chips, cracks, gaps, misalignments, and more. But have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed the presence of small white spots or discolored areas on your teeth? Although these unsightly areas don’t pose any dangerous threats to your oral health, they can still cause teeth to become sensitive and prone to future decay. They can also be an annoyance after working so hard to polish your smile with other cosmetic dentistry treatments. Thankfully, Dr. Sasson and his dedicated staff offer a solution here at our Brookline office: white spot removal! After this simple procedure, you can finally enjoy the happy, healthy smile you deserve.

Why do I get white spots?

White discoloration most commonly occurs to patients who wore orthodontic braces as a child. This results in a loss of calcium from the enamel, which causes the spots to form. Additionally, drinking and eating a high quantity of foods high in acids as child is also a notable cause.

Thankfully, our white spot removal treatment is available! We rely on Icon, a revolutionary new technology that rebuilds your enamel permanently while also making sure to match the color your restored tooth to the rest of your smile. White spot removal treatment is simple and very affordable – no uncomfortable shots or drilling required! Feel free to view some before and after pictures of patients who’ve undergone the treatment here and see the change for yourself!

Contact our Brookline office today to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson! Our team works hard to give all patients a reason to smile brighter than ever before. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Bottled Water and Your Kids’ Fluoride

July 24, 2013

shutterstock_29235628Is it safe for my child to drink tap water in Brookline, Massachusetts?

The short answer is yes. Locally fluoridated tap water is actually beneficial to the health of your child’s teeth, in fact many children today drink so much more bottled water than  fluoridated tap water that it may be a concern. Even thought they get fluoride from other sources like tooth paste it may still be an issue. A rich and steady source, like the water they drink all the time, to help strengthen the enamel and protect their teeth from decay may be lacking. Most bottled water has minimal to no fluoride added by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the FDA does not monitor or regulate the amount of fluoride in bottled water as it does in municipal tap water. Fluoride in tap water is mandated to have a concentration of 1 part per million (ppm).

Below is a list of some popular brands of bottled water and the amount of fluoride contained. I would recommend that you contact the company of the bottled water you buy to inquire as to the level of fluoride it contains. Ideally bottling your tap or filtered water at home would be best, providing your tap water is fluoridated.

  • Aquafina 0.05 ppm
  • Calistoga 0.07 ppm
  • Dasani 0.07 ppm
  •  Evian 0.10 ppm
  • Perrier 0.30 ppm
  • Poland Spring 0.10 ppm

At Boston Smile Center we primarily treat adults. However from time to time we post family dental related issues that are important to your lives. For more about my practice visit our services page today!

Brookline Patients Can Have a Smile That Shines Again with White Spot Removal

July 11, 2013

Have you ever looked in the mirror and noticed ugly white spots on your front teeth? While there’s no real danger or damage associated with these marks, they can be a real eyesore, not to mention an embarrassing flaw on a smile you may have worked hard to perfect. Thankfully, Dr. Alan Sasson has seen this problem before many times, and he has the perfect solution to correct them – no pain required! Visit Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA to improve your pearly whites and discover the beautiful look you deserve at last with the help of white spot removal.

What exactly causes those strange white spots?

In most cases, white spots occur as a result of calcium loss from the enamel, which can happen due to wearing braces when you’re child or simply by eating too many foods or drinks that are high in acids. While they don’t signify any sort of dangerous oral health condition, they do make the tooth more sensitive and can leave it susceptible to decay.

How can you help me?

Dr. Sasson is happy to offer frustrated patients the help of Icon. Icon is an incredible new technology that rebuilds a tooth’s enamel on the service and restores the correct color to even the most stubborn spots. You don’t even need any scary shots of invasive drilling or cutting – instead, the process is clean, quick, and provides wonderfully dramatic results!

You don’t have to settle for a smile that’s lackluster – instead, achieve the stellar look you’ve truly always wanted with help from the accomplished team at Boston Smile Center! We’re committed to providing patients with top-notch dental care that goes above and beyond their expectations. Contact our Brookline office to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson.