Sedation Dentistry – Do I Need It?

January 24, 2013

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After 28 years of clinical practice, I have found that the major reasons for patients’ anxiety and phobia to dental treatment come from their previous traumatic experiences and their inability to tell the dentist just what bothers them about their dental situation.  These patients tend to believe that once they are in a dental chair, they are at the mercy of the dentist and the staff.

Building trust with the patient is the key to overcoming this anxious handicap.  And, it can be overcome!  Countless times in my dental career, I have encouraged patients to tell me the reasons for their anxiety and have worked with them to find suitable solutions to alleviating their phobia.  Any patient consenting to conscious or intravenous sedation only allows the dental care to be completed in the short-term, but will not help eliminating dental phobia overall.

Instead, a mild medication can relieve much of the anxiety while the patient remains totally alert.  This way, the needed dental care can be performed while helping the patient gradually overcome dental phobia permanently.  The patient controls the appointment entirely since he can inform the dentist of his anxiety level during the procedures.

(What does this have to do with anything?)  Dental anesthesia is very predictable and can be given painlessly.  When you need to break or just need some space during the procedure, the dentist and staff must be respectful, supportive and back off immediately.

At Boston Smile Center, we pride ourselves in being respectful of your needs and concerns at all times.  Sometimes a little help with and an anxiety reducing medication will give us a little extra help in the beginning until we gain your trust and confidence which I know we will! Call us to schedule an informational interview.

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