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General & Family Dentistry in Brookline, MA

family of three smilingFrom the time we develop our first teeth as small children, we all become vulnerable to the same kinds of oral health problems. That’s why Dr. Sasson of Boston Smile Center offers general and family dentistry. Through regular checkups and basic services, Dr. Sasson can help patients from Brookline and surrounding areas enjoy good oral health.

We recommend that our patients see us twice a year for both an oral exam and a professional cleaning. Common oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay can develop without any noticeable symptoms. With a thorough oral exam by Dr. Sasson, our Brookline dental team can help you assess your health and understand your needs. What’s more, with a professional cleaning, we can help you remove bacteria and plaque simple brushing and flossing at home couldn’t. Both of these contribute to gum disease and decay and can be difficult to remove entirely on your own. A professional cleaning during a general and family dental visit will help you remove them and keep your smile as clean as possible.

What If I Need Extra Dental Care?

Mercury-Free Dental Fillings

If Dr. Sasson finds traces of decay or gum disease, our Brookline dental office can help with other services like mercury-free fillings and periodontal therapy.

Mercury-free fillings are similar to traditional amalgam fillings, but they don’t use any metal at all. Instead, they’re made of composite resin and will blend in with your smile to provide you with discreet results. What’s more, mercury-free fillings support the tooth’s natural structure and resist changes in temperature to prevent cracking and bacterial reinvasion.

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Mercury-Free Fillings

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal therapy helps patients struggling with gum disease. Using a special soft tissue laser, Dr. Sasson can easily target the affected areas and remove your infection. Periodontal therapy with a Biolase Waterlase laser is less invasive than periodontal care with a scalpel and stitches. That means patients can look forward to a more comfortable experience and a much faster recovery period.

In the case of both decay and gum disease, early treatment is very important. When decay isn’t addressed, it’s possible for a serious infection to develop. Tooth loss also becomes a possibility, especially with untreated gum disease. Beyond this, gum disease can also increase one’s susceptibility to a range of health problems in the rest of the body. In both cases, Dr. Sasson and his talented team at Boston Smile Center will work with you to develop a completely customized treatment plan that truly addresses your needs.

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While it may not be something you think about, nighttime grinding and clenching can be quite harmful to your long-term oral health. It can be especially harmful considering how it can occur without you even realizing it! Thankfully, Dr. Sasson has a highly personalized solution that can work to reduce the side effects caused by this chronic habit, also known as bruxism. If you’re experiencing more dental pain or sensitivity then usual as well as chronic headaches (especially after waking up), give our office a call.

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