Want to erase those ugly white spots on your front teeth? You can!

March 2, 2012

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Keep Smiling!

That unsightly white discoloration on your teeth’s surface results from a loss of calcium in the enamel. Wearing orthodontic braces as a child is the most common cause of this condition.. However, the spots also come from the consumption of lots of acidic foods and drinks as a youngster. Besides making a smile unattractive, the spots make teeth sensitive and prone to further decay. There is now great news for people who would love to rid their smiles of these unsightly spots. Icon is a revolutionary new technology that builds up demineralized enamel and permanently restores teeth to the uniform color of the surrounding enamel. Icon makes the spots completely disappear. The treatment is quick, easy and affordable. NO SHOTS OR DRILLING NEEDED!

To learn more about this visit our white spot removal section on our web site.  Or, give Boston Smile Center a call today for a no-charge consultation appointment with Dr. Sasson.  We’ll give your pearly whites a face lift.

Also, watch for an upcoming Blog: “Small Flossing Cavities – A no-drilling alternative.”

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