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August 3, 2015

Oh, to have a perfectly white smile that could make The Grinch blush. Wouldn’t that be nice? Everyone deserves to have a beautiful smile, and whitening treatment can get you the one you’ve always wanted. While teeth whitening can’t make your smile perfectly aligned or address every problem you may have, it can make your teeth look fantastic, sometimes up to several shades whiter. How does one take advantage of this awesome dental treatment? Why, at Boston Smile Center, of course! Our team of dental professionals in Brookline, MA have years of teeth whitening experience and can discuss all of your options. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which treatment to use, and our office employs a few whitening services that are convenient for your schedule. Are you ready to learn all there is to know about the teeth whitening services we offer? It’s an incredible lineup! For the best teeth whitening 02446 residents can enjoy, look no further than our office.

Which Whitening Treatment Is Right For You?

This question can’t be answered until we discuss the treatment that we offer. There are a lot of variables involved with choosing the treatment that’s right for you. How much is it going to cost? Will it work with my schedule? How soon will I see results? How long will they last? These are perfectly good questions to have on your mind and we’re no strangers to answering them from other patients. It’s the finest teeth whitening Brookline can experience!

Our in-office treatment:

Office-only whitening: Stained, yellow teeth can cripple your confidence. In-office whitening is professionally administered by one of our friendly team members. Zoom! Is what we use and in just one visit you can increase the shade of your teeth by up to 10 times! You read that right; 10. Can you imagine what 10 shades brighter would look like on your smile? It’s amazing.

White spot removal: Anytime you see white spots on your teeth, it’s the result of calcium loss from your tooth’s enamel. Did you wear metal braces as a youngster? It’s the most common cause of white spots. There’s a revolutionary new technology you probably haven’t heard of called Icon. It re-builds a tooth’s enamel permanently while coloring the surrounding teeth for a uniform look. It’s quick, easy and very affordable.

Our at-home treatment:

Customized take-home whitening: One of our take-home methods uses the Opalescence and Day-White 30-minute take-home systems. Impressions of your teeth will be taken followed by a customized tray designed especially for you. Included in your take-home kit are syringes filled with powerful whitening gel. After daily use, you’ll start to see results fast.

Whitening trays: It’s the most economical system we have. Our Treswhite disposable trays can get you the results you want, comfortably. Though they aren’t customized to fit your teeth precisely, they’re simple to use and the whitening formula gets teeth whiter than any over-the-counter brand that’s available.

Ready For Whitening Treatment? Schedule a Visit

Our office is ready to make your teeth look beautifully white. Dr. Sasson is the cosmetic dentist Brookline, MA residents and beyond can trust. Our team is ready, are you? We extend service to our neighbors in Newton, Cambridge, Somerville, Brookline and other cities scattered around the area. Treat your teeth to the best whitening treatment around!







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