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January 25, 2016

invisalign brooklineIf you’re avoiding orthodontic treatment because you don’t want to spend a year or more wearing braces, it’s time you heard about accelerated orthodontics. The Boston Smile Center offers this incredible treatment option using cutting-edge AcceleDent® and PROPEL® technology along with Invisalign clear braces — meaning you spend less time having your teeth straightened, and more time enjoying your new, beautiful smile! Keep reading to learn how you can benefit from faster orthodontic treatment when AcceleDent®, PROPEL® and the Invisalign system combine in Brookline.

Brookline Invisalign is faster than ever with AcceleDent® and PROPEL®

Once you decide to do something about your misaligned teeth, you want quick results… and we don’t blame you. That’s why we here at The Boston Smile Center are happy to provide our patients with faster orthodontic treatments — with total treatment times reduced by about half — by combining Invisalign clear braces with AcceleDent® and PROPEL® technology.

AcceleDent® works in just 20 minutes a day

Invisalign works alongside the daily, FDA-approved AcceleDent® treatment to quickly produce the straighter teeth you desire. It’s a hands-free device you use just 20 minutes each day, and it stimulates your teeth to move faster with small micropulses we call SoftPulse Technology®. AcceleDent® is gentle, fast and just one short treatment each day, perhaps in the morning before work, or right before bed, are all it takes to achieve the rapid orthodontic results you’ve been hoping for.

Come into the office for quick PROPEL® treatments

With PROPEL®, we can cut your Invisalign treatment time almost in half — something busy adults always appreciate. Using a small, efficient handheld tool, your Brookline dentist is able to stimulate the bones that surround the teeth to move more quickly, and with increased precision, too. PROPEL® is FDA approved and only requires a few extra visits to The Boston Smile Center, but it allows you to see your beautiful results considerably faster. Worth it, right? We think so, too.

Interested in accelerated orthodontics? Talk to us today!

When your orthodontic treatment is finished faster, you spend less time worrying about your smile and more time, well, smiling. That’s something we think is pretty important. So if you’d like to speed the treatment for your Invisalign braces in Brookline, why not opt for accelerated orthodontics? Your Brookline dental team can’t wait to talk to you about the advantages of using AcceleDent® and PROPEL® technology to see your results in half the time. We know it’s a choice you won’t regret making.

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