Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Happy with Root Canal Therapy from Dr. Sasson

March 6, 2013

tooth painOut of all the dental procedures a person can undergo, “root canal” always seems to be the phrase that strikes the most fear in patients’ hearts. While it may be true that in the past, root canal therapy was a painful procedure to undergo, its bad reputation is completely unwarranted today, what with the help of advanced anesthesia and technology options.  In fact, the procedure can rescue severely injured or decayed teeth that are facing extraction and restore them to full functionality! Here at Boston Smile Center, Dr. Sasson understands how important it is for patients to retain their natural pearly whites; that’s why he offers root canal therapy to patients at his Brookline, MA office. With the help of root canal therapy, your smile will stay safe and whole for years to come!

One procedure, several lasting benefits

So what exactly happens during root canal therapy? It’s simple enough – we simply clean bacteria and pulp out of the diseased canals within the affected tooth, seal the area so that further infection can’t reach it, and then, if necessary, restore the tooth with a custom-made crown. By the time Dr. Sasson is done, you won’t even be able to tell there was anything wrong with the tooth in the first place!

Okay, but it will hurt?

Our Brookline office hears this question from patients all the time. We have good news for you – most people who undergo root canal therapy report that the procedure hurts no more than a common filling. Better yet, root canal therapy has an incredibly high success rate, and many teeth that have undergone the treatment go on to last a lifetime.

Don’t let an injured or diseased tooth damage your smile and put a damper on your day – Dr. Sasson and his accomplished staff want to restore much-needed form and function to your mouth! Here at Boston Smile Center, we’re known for comprehensive, compassionate care that puts your unique needs first each and every time you come in. Contact our Brookline office today to schedule an appointment!

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