4 Tips for Keeping a Clean and Healthy Mouth with Invisalign in Brookline

May 15, 2018

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woman holding invisalignInvisalign in Brookline has the power to quickly and conveniently correct orthodontic problems. However, for your treatment to go as smoothly as possible, it’s important that you take good care of your aligners. If you don’t maintain them properly, they may not do their job as effectively as they should — and you might even end up accidentally damaging your teeth. Here are a few tips for keeping your aligners (and the teeth behind them) in great shape.

Keep Your Case and Cleaning Materials With You

You must remove your aligners when you eat, but it isn’t a good idea to just take them out of your mouth and plop them on your desk at work. After all, you don’t want them to pick up stray bacteria and then take that bacteria with them when you replace them in your mouth. Store your aligner in its proper case whenever you’re not wearing it.

Also, be sure to keep a small toothbrush and some toothpaste handy at all times. After you enjoy a meal, give your teeth a quick cleaning and rinse out your aligner so nothing unpleasant gets stuck between the aligner and your teeth when you put it back in your mouth.

Stick to Drinking Plain Water

The great thing about drinking plain water is that you don’t have to remove your aligner in order to enjoy a nice tall glass of it. You can even have uncolored, sugar-free sparkling water while Invisalign is in your mouth. However, if you drink anything else, it’s best to remove your aligner because:

  • Hot drinks, such as coffee and tea, may warp your aligner.
  • Colorful drinks, like soda and fruit juice, may stain the aligner.
  • The sugar from beverages like soda and sports drinks might get caught between your aligner and your teeth, increasing your risk of decay.

After you enjoy any beverage that isn’t regular water, be sure to clean your teeth before you put your aligner back in your mouth.

Clean Your Aligner Daily

To keep your aligner in good shape, you have to do more than just rinse it out a few times a day. You should also set aside a bit of time to brush it gently and wash it with a clear, antibacterial soap. Be careful, though — you don’t want to end up scratching it!

You can also choose to purchase a special Invisalign cleaning kit that is specifically designed to keep your aligners fresh and bacteria-free.

Don’t Use a Damaged Aligner

If an incident happens that damages one of your aligners, don’t keep using it. A warped or dirty Invisalign tray can be uncomfortable to wear and may cause damage to your teeth. Instead of trying to force it to work, call your dentist for advice. You may need to wear your previous aligner or switch to your next aligner a bit earlier than expected.

Invisalign is a great option for folks who want a straight, healthy smile. We hope these tips make your treatment time as easy and convenient as possible.

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Dr. Alan Sasson is your certified provider of Invisalign near Boston. If you have questions about this treatment, he would be happy to talk with you! Please contact our office at 617-739-1017.

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