Get Straight Teeth Faster with Clear Damon Braces

September 23, 2017

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clear bracesIf you’re like many of the millions of Americans who want to straighten their crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth, then you probably think that all braces are the same. They look the same, they work the same, it’s just what you have to get. But in actuality, braces have evolved greatly over the years, giving patients more treatment options than ever. With Damon Braces, dentists can now correct even more orthodontic issues faster using one system and help patients maintain their daily appearance while getting their perfect smile.

How Damon Braces Work

Damon Braces actually utilize the same principles as traditional metal braces: brackets are applied to each tooth, and these are attached to a wire that gently guides the teeth into their proper positions. However, that’s where the similarities end.

With traditional braces, the wire is held onto the brackets using small elastic bands. This not only means that the wire has to apply more force to work, but it also inhibits the wire from moving the teeth as efficiently as possible, lengthening the treatment.

With Damon Braces, the wires are actually held by the brackets themselves using a small metal latch. This enables the wires to move the teeth more easily, which not only means they can use less force, but it also allows the teeth to move more quickly. Because of this, Damon Braces are often able to straighten the teeth up to 30% faster than traditional orthodontics.

Plus, this system is able to address certain orthodontic issues normal braces typically can’t on their own, such as widening the upper jaw. Because of this, Damon Braces often help people avoid having to get teeth extracted or needing to use headgear.

How They Look

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks of braces is that they stick out in your smile, right? Damon Braces has you covered there, too.

Rather than noticeable metal, Damon Braces’ brackets are actually made of a clear plastic. Why? Because this makes them much more discreet. Their subtle appearance will be barely noticeable when you’re talking, smiling, or eating, enabling you to remain confident the entire time you’re getting a straighter smile.

So altogether, Damon Braces are faster, more comfortable, look better than traditional braces, and they can give you the straighter smile you’ve always wanted. Sound like the treatment for you? All you need to do is contact a local dentist in your area who offers them, and before you know it, you’ll be showing off your beautifully straight smile every day.

About the Author

Dr. Alan Sasson is a family, restorative, and cosmetic dentist based in Brookline, MA. He has used Damon Braces for years and is continually amazed at the comprehensive results they can achieve. If you are interested in getting them for yourself or your child, he can be contacted through his website.  

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