5 Post-Op Questions About Dental Implant Surgery

June 3, 2024

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patient smiling in mirror after getting dental implants

Unlike other tooth replacement options, getting dental implants in Yorba Linda involves a multi-step process that includes oral surgery. Your skilled dental team will strive to make the implant placement as smooth and comfortable as possible. It’s essential for you to maintain cleanliness and oral health throughout the recovery period to ensure its long-term success. Here, we address five common post-op questions about dental implant surgery.

#1: Is Recovering from Dental Implant Surgery Painful?

After your surgery, the numbing effects of the anesthesia will wear off over several hours, and you may start to feel slight discomfort. Your Yorba Linda dentist may prescribe pain medication, but many patients find that over-the-counter pain relievers and ice packs can effectively manage their discomfort. Generally, any aches or pains should diminish within about 10 days following the surgery.

#2: Is Bleeding Normal After Dental Implant Surgery?

After your dental implants are placed, your dentist will place gauze sponges over the site. You’ll need to bite down on them for at least an hour to control bleeding. It’s common to have bleeding for 48-72 hours after surgery. Avoid activities that can increase bleeding, like spitting, rinsing vigorously, physical exertion, and taking aspirin. Replace the gauze sponges with new ones every hour as necessary.

#3: What Should I Avoid After Dental Implant Surgery?

To promote healing and integration of your new dental implant, it’s important to avoid:

  • For the first two weeks, avoid using straws, spitting, or rinsing your mouth
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco throughout the recovery process
  • Consuming carbonated drinks for at least a week

#4: When and What Can I Eat After Dental Implant Surgery?

For the first two days after your dental implant surgery, stick to liquids and soft foods such as:

  • Refried beans, mashed potatoes, pureed fruit, and smooth soups and broths
  • Ice cream, smoothies, milkshakes, juices, and protein shakes
  • Cottage cheese, yogurt, and pudding

Starting from day three and beyond, you can start eating soft foods that are easy to chew, such as soft sandwiches, cooked noodles, and soft-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs.

#5: How Long Does It Take to Recover from Dental Implant Surgery?

Your age, health, lifestyle, and the number of dental implants affect how long it takes to recover. Normally, it takes six to nine months for your mouth to heal before the next steps in the dental implant process. This recovery mostly happens without you noticing, and many patients can resume work or school within one to three days after surgery.

Before your dental implant surgery, your dentist will address all your questions and give you detailed recovery instructions during your consultation. If you’re interested in exploring this advanced tooth replacement option, reach out to your dentist today!

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