3 Reasons for Cosmetic Dentistry’s Growing Popularity

June 9, 2022

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Modern dentists have mainly focused on treating dental issues or providing professional cleanings. However, cosmetic dentistry has become quite popular lately. Patients increasingly visit dental practices to get white, shiny teeth rather than just a healthy mouth. What’s causing this to happen?

Among other things, there are three big reasons for the growing demand for cosmetic dentistry. Read on to learn their powerful effects!

It’s Gotten Affordable & Accessible

A major influence on cosmetic work has been its greater affordability. For instance, disposable income in the U.S. increased from 16.3 billion in April 2019 to 16.8 billion in February 2020. Patients are choosing to use this new spending money on pretty smiles.

Treatments have also gotten affordable as they’ve become easier to find. At one time, only movie stars or the wealthy could buy them. However, almost all dentists now learn to provide a few cosmetic procedures while they’re in dental school. Furthermore, many offer flexible payment options.

New Technology Improved Its Results

In the last ten to fifteen years, cosmetic dentistry’s quality has improved due to new technology.

For one thing, many of its procedures are now pain-free. There’s less dental anxiety thanks to things like painless injections and conscious sedation.

It’s also faster. Computers can quickly build models of a patient’s mouth. Some practices even let patients get a new set of replacement teeth in just a single day.

Most importantly, the field’s results look life-like. New kinds of materials and components mean tooth replacements are more natural-looking than earlier ones.

More Know Attractive Smiles’ Benefits

As internet-use rises, people are becoming aware of the benefits of good smiles. Many studies report on how beautiful teeth make you seem intelligent, trustworthy, and likable. Who wouldn’t want t?

Plus, social media makes good teeth valuable. Users are more interested in how they look, so they’re starting to care about their smiles.

Given the reasons above, it seems obvious that cosmetic dentistry is receiving so much attention. Talk to your local dentist about treatment if you want to get in on better pearly whites!

About the Practice

The Boston Smile Center is based in Brookline, MA. Led by Dr. Alan Sasson, their team offers exceptional general and specialty dental services in a comfortable environment. Said services span general, restorative, and even cosmetic dentistry, including orthodontic treatments. They ensure patients receive high-quality results for affordable prices thanks to their dental technology and flexible payment options. For more information or to book an appointment, they can be reached at their website or by phone at (617)-739-1017.

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