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Reviews are important. Not only because they help patients just like you find the best dentist in the Greater Boston area, but also because they help us constantly improve and make sure we are providing the absolute best care possible. It is always our goal to provide you and your family with dental care like no other office in Brookline. Don’t take our word for it, though—read what others around the web have to say by clicking the buttons below!


"Boston Smile Center changed my life forever and I couldn’t be more thankful. I started seeing Dr. Sasson and his team a couple of years ago after experiencing tooth pain and it was easily one of the best decisions of my life. I suffer for horrible dental anxiety and avoided going to the dentist. And as my my fear got worse so did the condition of my teeth. I tried several dentist, even “specialists” who claim to help those with anxiety patients. I never could go through with the needed dental work at those offices because those dentist never made me feel comfortable. I eventually found Boston Smile Center and everything changed. From the second I called, I was greeted with complete care and respect from Nancy at the front desk. She assured me Dr. Sasson would walk through every step of my dental plan and to come in the meet him and get X-rays. The experience was immediately different, Dr. Sasson truly cared about me as a person, and talked through my fears and concerns. He even shared a story of a patient like me who had anxiety for every visit, to the point of shaking even during cleanings, and by the end of their treatment plan he would walk in with a smile on his face and getting his teeth worked on was just a part of his day, no big deal! It turns out that brushing your teeth twice a day and going to the dentist when your a child but stopping as an adult, just isn’t the best way to take care of your teeth. Even if they look great and shinny, there is probably some stuff going on behind the scenes. For me, there was. I needed a root canal / 2 crowns / minor gum surgery and several fillings. As someone with severe anxiety, this put me an in immediate spiral of panic. Just as Nancy said Dr. Sasson would plan out my treatment to work for me and my emotional needs, and they did just that. Over the past 4 years Dr. Sasson and his team at Boston Smile Center took every appointment I had with love and care and now my teeth have never felt or looked better! And even more importantly I have never felt better or less fearful of the dentist in my life. From letting me pay before the procedure so I can leave right away and not have to remain in the office while numb. To figuring out the perfect solution that worked best to numb me and alleviate my fears of needles and numbing. From team members holding my hand and calming down my panic attacks. To never once getting aggravated with my million questions before every procedure. I can confidently say there is no dental office in the world like Dr. Sasson’s and his team at Boston Smile Center. Just like he promised me, I now walk into ever appointment with a smile on my face and not a worry in the world. They have permanently helped me reach my dental goals and I now know I never again need to fear going to the dentist."
Tone Evans  

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