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Insignia Braces – Brookline, MA

The Personalized Orthodontic Solution

Metal braces have been around for decades. During that time, they have helped countless people to enjoy the benefits of straight, well-aligned teeth. However, not much has changed about them over the years; most orthodontists offer braces that are essentially the same as the ones your mother wore when she was a teenager. Insignia is shaking up the world of traditional orthodontics. This advanced system can personalize your braces and improve your treatment experience from start to finish. Keep reading this page to learn more about how Insignia in Boston works and how it may benefit you.

What Is Insignia?

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Most dentists and orthodontists use a one size fits all braces system. They use the same brackets for everyone, and they may have to do some educated guesswork to ensure that adjustments effectively move the teeth.

Insignia different. It is truly a revolutionary concept in braces systems. It is the only system that offers a complete customized solution to each patient’s needs. Computer–assisted design helps create patient-specific brackets and wires with more precision than other systems. The computer-assisted bracket placement and custom wires reduce the need for multiple adjustments in all phases of treatment.

Benefits of Insignia

The most outstanding benefits of Insignia in Brookline include:

  • Greater comfort. Because your braces are personalized for your unique mouth, you can expect them to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Fewer adjustments. Advanced software helps to map out a treatment plan that practically eliminates guesswork and therefore leads to a more streamlined treatment process. Fewer adjustments means less time in our office, a shorter overall treatment period, and more time simply enjoying your life.
  • See the future. You can see a computer-enhanced visual of what your smile will look like when you are finished with your Insignia braces. Plus, the software uses three-dimensional digital scans of your teeth, so you won’t have to worry that you might need to put up with messy manual impressions.
  • Expert care. Dental practitioners who provide Insignia braces must undergo additional training that fully familiarizes them with the principles involved in personalized orthodontics.

The Insignia Process

The first step in the Insignia process is to scan your teeth. This digital impression gives Dr. Sasson a clear look at your teeth and the misalignment issues that plague them. Then, the impression gets sent to the company that operates Insignia. A case specialist will examine the data and make recommendations on how to proceed with treatment. Dr. Sasson will review those recommendations and work with Insignia to create your custom orthodontic plan.

Once the plan receives its final approval, your custom brackets and wires will be fabricated. After Dr. Sasson attaches them to your teeth, you can officially begin your journey toward a straighter, healthier, and more attractive smile.

We’re delighted to offer Insignia braces to patients from Brookline, Newton, and the neighborhoods of Allston, Kenmore, Jamaica Plain, and all of Greater Boston.  When you are ready to find out if this remarkable treatment is right for you, contact us to schedule your consultation.