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Dental Savings Plan – Brookline, MA

Save on Dental Care Without Insurance

Dentist and patient discussing dental savings plan in Brookline.

Are you currently without dental insurance? Many people without an insurance policy are under the mistaken impression that they cannot afford to visit the dentist. That may be the case with some other practices, but not at Boston Smile Center. We offer a convenient and wallet-friendly in-house dental savings plan. This program allows you to get high-quality care at a reasonable price without all the hassles and hoops of traditional insurance.

How the Plan Works

Dental patient admiring his smile after preventive care

With a traditional insurance plan, you must pay a monthly premium to get discounts on approved services. Our in-house savings plan is different. You pay one flat fee each year (or break up the cost into monthly payments). For that single price, your preventive services are completely covered for 12 months. Hence, you will be able to attend your checkups and cleanings and get all necessary X-rays without paying anything more out of pocket.

There are three different versions of our plan — pick the one that suits you best!

  • Adult Complete Plan. This covers all adult preventive care and one emergency exam. $480/year or $40/month.
  • Perio Plan. This plan for people with gum disease incudes four periodontal maintenance visits each year. $804/year or $67/month.
  • Child Complete Plan. Help Your little one’s smile stay healthy with preventive exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. $372/year or $31/month.

If you require a non-preventive service, such as a restorative treatment, our plan can still help you save. In fact, it provides a 15 percent discount for all routine services. It can even reduce the price of many treatments that dental insurance does not usually cover, such as cosmetic procedures.

The Benefits of Our In-House Savings Plan

Woman with healthy teeth happy with dental savings plan

Regular dental insurance certainly has its place, but our plan offers some advantages that you would never get to enjoy with a traditional policy:

  • Our plan is simple. Insurance can get a little complicated sometimes. There is lots of insurance jargon that might be difficult to figure out, and insurers are not always good about explaining benefits to their policyholders. Our plan is straightforward, and if you ever have a question about it, our team is ready to answer.
  • No deductibles or waiting period. You’ll enjoy instant access to all of the benefits of our dental savings plan.
  • No annual maximum. Insurance plans place a cap on how much they will pay out in a calendar year. Our membership plan does not have such limits.
  • No claim forms. Our plan minimizes paperwork, so you can simply come into our office, enjoy our excellent services, and go home without worrying about whether your insurance will accept your claim.
  • Sign up anytime. Most insurance plans have an annual enrollment period, which is your only opportunity each year to purchase a policy. You can sign up for our plan whenever you want to.

Sign Up Today

Are you ready to sign up for our dental savings plan near Boston, or would you like to learn more about it? Our team is ready to help. Contact us today to ask questions, consider your plan options, and sign up for this convenient and money-saving arrangement.