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Bottled Water and Your Kids’ Fluoride

July 24, 2013

shutterstock_29235628Is it safe for my child to drink tap water in Brookline, Massachusetts?

The short answer is yes. Locally fluoridated tap water is actually beneficial to the health of your child’s teeth, in fact many children today drink so much more bottled water than  fluoridated tap water that it may be a concern. Even thought they get fluoride from other sources like tooth paste it may still be an issue. A rich and steady source, like the water they drink all the time, to help strengthen the enamel and protect their teeth from decay may be lacking. Most bottled water has minimal to no fluoride added by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the FDA does not monitor or regulate the amount of fluoride in bottled water as it does in municipal tap water. Fluoride in tap water is mandated to have a concentration of 1 part per million (ppm).

Below is a list of some popular brands of bottled water and the amount of fluoride contained. I would recommend that you contact the company of the bottled water you buy to inquire as to the level of fluoride it contains. Ideally bottling your tap or filtered water at home would be best, providing your tap water is fluoridated.

  • Aquafina 0.05 ppm
  • Calistoga 0.07 ppm
  • Dasani 0.07 ppm
  •  Evian 0.10 ppm
  • Perrier 0.30 ppm
  • Poland Spring 0.10 ppm

At Boston Smile Center we primarily treat adults. However from time to time we post family dental related issues that are important to your lives. For more about my practice visit our services page today!

Erase Any Unsightly Gaps in Your Smile with Partials and Dentures from Dr. Sasson

June 27, 2013

Out of all the dental problems that can plague a person over their lifetime, missing teeth is almost certainly one of the worst. Having unsightly gaps in your smile is incredibly embarrassing both in professional and social settings, keeping you from enjoying yourself to the fullest. Even worse, if left untreated, it can cause the other teeth in your mouth to begin shifting and twisting in order to fill the empty space, resulting in a heightened risk of gum disease and additional tooth loss. Thankfully, Dr. Sasson strongly believes in providing every patient with the whole, healthy smile they deserve; that’s why he offers a variety of tooth replacement options for patients of all walks of life, including dentures and partials. If ease and affordability are important to you when it comes to your restorative dental work, contact Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA to learn more about this transformative technique!


If you’re only missing a couple of teeth in different areas in your mouth, a partial could be the perfect solution! The appliance is like a puzzle piece – we’ll custom create it so that it fits in perfectly with your remaining teeth. Secured with clips and brackets, a partial can be removed for easy cleaning; plus, they look completely natural, making it hard for others to tell it’s even there at all.


A full denture is used to replace a complete row of teeth, whether it’s at the top of your mouth, the bottom, or even both. It stays in place with natural suction, as well as dental adhesive in some cases. Again, the piece is permanent, making it much more comfortable to sleep and practice oral hygiene.

Dr. Sasson can also provide implant-supported dentures, which adds an extra layer of stability and security to your new smile.

Don’t settle for a look that’s lacking! Instead, regain a full, healthy smile with the help of our excellent team at Boston Smile Center! Contact our Brookline office to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson.

Regain Your Smile and Your Self-Confidence with a Variety of Tooth Replacement Options from Dr. Sasson

April 16, 2013

dental_implantsLosing one or more teeth can be a devastating blow, both to your oral health and your confidence. When you have unsightly gaps in your smile, it can be hard to even get out of bed, not to mention interact with your peers for fear of embarrassment or ridicule. Worse, if left untreated, those gaps can cause your other teeth to start to shift so as to fill the space, resulting in an increased risk of periodontal disease, bite collapse, and additional tooth loss. Thankfully, Dr. Sasson and his dedicated staff have a variety of tooth replacement options available to you at Boston Smile Center. How are you supposed to know which solution would best fit your unique needs, though? Do you find stability and sturdiness most important? The speed of the treatment? Affordability? We want you to be well-informed of all the procedures and services available to you before you make a decision; that’s why below, we’ve provided some descriptions of our restorative services. Please contact our Brookline office directly if you’d like to learn more!

Dental Implants

In most cases, we will suggest dental implants as the ideal option for patients who’ve lost one or more teeth. Dental implants provide a stable, sturdy, and practically seamless solution to unsightly gaps. Better yet, they’re the only tooth replacement option that replicates the root of the tooth as well as the crown, which helps keep the jawbone healthy and full. Dr. Sasson can perform every stage of the treatment right here in his Brookline office, from the placement of the implant to the custom restoration.

Additionally, dental implants can be used in conjunction with crown and bridges and dentures in order to add extra support.

Crown and Bridge

If you’re looking for the stability of dental implants but aren’t willing to wait the extended amount of time it will take for that treatment to be completed, crown and bridge may be a restorative solution that’s more suited to your needs. A bridge is a prosthetic tooth (or teeth) that can be attached in a gap between natural teeth that have been prepared with crowns.

Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials offer both a convenient and affordable tooth replacement option. Dr. Sasson will have the piece custom-made to fit your specific needs, and it stays in place with the help of clips and natural suction. Dentures and partials are removable, making cleaning much more easy!

If you have any questions about our tooth replacement options, or if you’re ready to schedule a FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson, please call our Brookline office today. We can’t wait to give you a reason to smile!

Keep Your Teeth Healthy and Happy with Root Canal Therapy from Dr. Sasson

March 6, 2013

tooth painOut of all the dental procedures a person can undergo, “root canal” always seems to be the phrase that strikes the most fear in patients’ hearts. While it may be true that in the past, root canal therapy was a painful procedure to undergo, its bad reputation is completely unwarranted today, what with the help of advanced anesthesia and technology options.  In fact, the procedure can rescue severely injured or decayed teeth that are facing extraction and restore them to full functionality! Here at Boston Smile Center, Dr. Sasson understands how important it is for patients to retain their natural pearly whites; that’s why he offers root canal therapy to patients at his Brookline, MA office. With the help of root canal therapy, your smile will stay safe and whole for years to come!

One procedure, several lasting benefits

So what exactly happens during root canal therapy? It’s simple enough – we simply clean bacteria and pulp out of the diseased canals within the affected tooth, seal the area so that further infection can’t reach it, and then, if necessary, restore the tooth with a custom-made crown. By the time Dr. Sasson is done, you won’t even be able to tell there was anything wrong with the tooth in the first place!

Okay, but it will hurt?

Our Brookline office hears this question from patients all the time. We have good news for you – most people who undergo root canal therapy report that the procedure hurts no more than a common filling. Better yet, root canal therapy has an incredibly high success rate, and many teeth that have undergone the treatment go on to last a lifetime.

Don’t let an injured or diseased tooth damage your smile and put a damper on your day – Dr. Sasson and his accomplished staff want to restore much-needed form and function to your mouth! Here at Boston Smile Center, we’re known for comprehensive, compassionate care that puts your unique needs first each and every time you come in. Contact our Brookline office today to schedule an appointment!

Treat Your Teeth Well with Mercury-Free Fillings from Dr. Sasson

February 14, 2013

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems patients face on a regular basis, and for over 100 years, dentists have been treating them by providing amalgam fillings. Amalgam fillings, which are created by combining elemental mercury, silver, tin, and copper, are a tried-and-true method for repairing the destruction left by decay; they can withstand a lot of pressure, and tend to last for a long time. But they also have some decidedly negative qualities, the worst concerning their cosmetic nature. The fillings can be painfully obvious to those around you if they’re in your front teeth, causing you potential embarrassment. There’s also the threat of a health hazard, especially concerning the mercury used.  Never fear – while the ADA’s official stance is that the mercury levels in amalgam fillings are safe, Dr. Sasson and his excellent team don’t feel comfortable taking any chances with your health. That’s why we’re happy to offer you mercury-free fillings here at Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA.

Keep Your Smile Safe, Stable, and Stunning

Instead of the material found in amalgam fillings, our mercury-free fillings are made of safe, durable composite resin and beautiful dental porcelain. Combined, you’ll  have a stunning outcome that traditional fillings can’t offer – a seamless new look that hides all evidence of dental treatment and keeps your smile whole and happy. For patients who need their cavities treated but that don’t want to sacrifice their polished professional image to do so, mercury-free fillings are a perfect choice.

Other benefits of mercury-free fillings include:

  • They’re bonded directly to teeth with adhesive, which strengthens the tooth for a significant amount of time (often 7-10 years!) without needing to be fixed or replaced.
  • Amalgam fillings often are cracked or bend through biting or chewing over time, allowing bacteria and infection to sneak into the tooth; our mercury-free fillings don’t wear down or change shape, keeping your teeth completely protected.
  • We’re committed to practicing conservative dentistry, meaning that during procedures, we want to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible. Mercury-free fillings allow us to accomplish this by requiring much less reduction of the affected tooth than amalgam fillings.

If you’ve already had traditional fillings placed and would like to replace them with mercury-free fillings, we’re happy to do that for you as well. Don’t let cavities get out of control – Dr. Sasson and his team are eager to provide you with expert, personalized care that sends you off with a smile. Feel free to call Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your FREE consultation today.

Keep Your Smile Steady with Implant-Supported Dentures

January 17, 2013

In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of pursuing dentures or partials to cover up embarrassing gaps in your smile. But what if you’re looking for a more secure solution? While dentures usually stay in place with either clips or natural suction, they can sometimes slip when eating or speaking, which could lead to embarrassing situations. In addition, there’s one issue that dentures or partials won’t be able to solve: bone loss in your jaw. At Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA, your specific needs are important to us, and that’s why, in place of traditional dentures and partials, Dr. Sasson can now offer you implant-supported dentures, a new procedure that will be sure to put a smile on your face.

How are implant-supported dentures different?

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are anchored to your jawbone. After a brief surgery where they’ll be put into place, your dentures will be attached to them, resulting in a firm and comfortable fit.

There are several benefits to choosing implant-supported dentures, such as:

  • The surgically placed implants will allows remaining bone in the gums to survive, and they can even help new bone tissue to grow.
  • Many of the pressure points traditional dentures rub against are relieved.
  • Barely any food choices will be off-limits.
  • You won’t have to feel embarrassed about your denture slipping while speaking or eating. You can live life worry-free!

Do implant-supported dentures sound like the right choice for you? You can learn more about dental implants here, and feel free to peruse our website for more information about the other restorative dentistry techniques we can offer you. Feel free to call Boston Smile Center in Brookline, MA if you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson today.

Love Your Smile Again with the Help of Dentures and Partials

January 10, 2013

When you’re missing some or even of your natural teeth, it can be hard to share your smile with the world. You often feel embarrassed, or you’re afraid that people will judge you badly once they notice. Even worse, missing teeth can cause several other problems in your life, from making it difficult to speak and eat to causing your jawbone to deteriorate. You deserve a beautiful and functional smile that will carry you through your later years without a hitch.  Here at Boston Smile Center, we want to help you feel comfortable and happy again with the state of your teeth. With the help of dentures and partials from Dr. Sasson and his team in Brookline, MA, you’ll have a complete, natural-looking, and functional smile that will surely brighten your day and everyone else’s.

Regain your confidence with one simple solution

As you probably can guess, a full denture consists of a complete row of top or bottom teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. They stay in place inside your mouth with the help of either natural suction or a dental adhesive. There are several benefits to wearing dentures. You’ll be able to eat and speak much more easily. They’re lifelike, comfortable, and removable, allowing for easy cleaning. Plus, they’ll help rejuvenate the look of your face. Without your teeth, facial muscles can sag, causing you to look older. Full dentures will help alleviate this issue, and may even take years off your appearance!

You may have already known about full dentures, but did you know you can also receive custom-made partials from Dr. Sasson? With partial dentures, you can hold onto the natural teeth you still have while receiving a brand-new smile just the same. Partials also consist of teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base, but instead of a full set, they instead feature only the teeth you need, sort of like a puzzle. They’re attached with clips and brackets, and like full dentures, are removable.

Don’t let embarrassment hold you back from a stunning smile! Dentures and partials can help rejuvenate your life today, with the help of Dr. Sasson and his team.  Call Boston Smile Center here in Brookline, MA today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson.

Nothing to Fear with Root Canal Therapy in Brookline, MA

January 3, 2013

Out of all the dental procedures you could have to undergo, “root canal” is the phrase that strikes the most  fear in nervous patients’ hearts. We’ve heard all our lives that root canal treatment is long, painful, and generally a nightmare all around. In fact, you may feel so anxious that you delay your treatment. While some of these rumors may have been true in the past, here at Boston Smile Center, we have the latest analgesics and technologies available to you, resulting in a root canal therapy procedure that is both comfortable and quick.  Dr. Sasson and his team are committed to making sure you get advanced and effective treatment at our Brookline, MA office, all while making sure to put your comfort and safety first.

What is a root canal, exactly?

Your tooth may look tiny, but it actually contains several layers – an outer coat of protective enamel, a second layer of dentin, and an inner pulp that is known as the “nerve” of the tooth. While this part of your tooth is usually well-protected by the other layers, a very deep cavity or an injury, such as a fracture, can leave the pulp exposed to possible infection. This can lead to a host of serious issues, even extraction of the affected tooth. However, if we catch it in its earliest stages, root canal therapy can save the tooth.

Okay, but is it going to hurt?

This is far and away the most common question anyone has concerning root canal therapy. Here’s some good news – the answer is no! With the technologies available to us today, Dr. Sasson can complete your root canal therapy after only a few steps, including cleaning out the diseased canal, filling it with a biologically-inert substance, and sealing it so further infection can’t reach it. In most cases, root canal therapy can even be completed in a single visit.

Root canal therapy doesn’t have to be scary any longer, and it certainly shouldn’t be avoided. Dr. Sasson and his team here in Brookline, MA are here to provide you with top-notch care, getting you back to smiling sooner. Call Boston Smile Center today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson, or feel free to peruse our website to learn about other dental procedures we can offer you.

The Benefits of Restoring Your Smile with Porcelain Crowns

August 17, 2012

What happens when teeth become worn, decayed, or cracked? Your confidence and your oral health can suffer. That’s why Dr. Sasson and his team at Boston Smile Center offer porcelain crowns. With all porcelain crowns and fillings, patients from Brookline/Boston and beyond can look forward to having a beautiful smile and a restored sense of self-confidence.

How Can Porcelain Crowns Help Your Smile?

Porcelain crowns let Dr. Sasson preserve damaged or decayed teeth by capping them with a crown instead of extracting them. As a result, your jaw stays strong and healthy even as your smile gets the help it deserves.

What’s more, because porcelain mimics the look of natural teeth, you can have your old smile back. And thanks to Dr. Sasson’s method for creating porcelain crowns, we can deliver something that’s custom-made, that matches the shade of your surrounding teeth, and that fits in with your overall appearance.

What does a porcelain crown fix?

With all porcelain crowns, Dr. Sasson can mend:

  • Broken teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Decay teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • The black line around your current crowns

Do you want to know more about porcelain crowns and how they can help you restore your smile? Call Boston Smile Center today to schedule your FREE consultation with Dr. Sasson. During your appointment, he can tell you if porcelain crowns are right for you and recommend a treatment plan.

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